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Your Ultimate Source for Christmas Trees & EVERYTHING Christmas

From the moment you arrive at Salem Christmas Tree Farm down a narrow country lane (directions) you are transported into Christmas as it should be.  If you would like to harvest your own tree, we will arm you with axe or saw and adult sized wellies so that you can take the family into the fields of trees and select the one  you want.  Our trusty helpers will help you bring it back to the car park where we will net it for you, ready to take home.

If you are feeling less adventurous, we have plenty of cut and potted trees to choose from.

You can then enjoy the trees festooned with lights as you walk round the pond and join us in our shop where you will find an amazing selection of Christmas decorations from around the world.  With our extensive inventory, we have something for every taste and budget.  

Be assured we are operating a Covid-19 safe environment so that you can still experience the thrill of Christmas at our farm.

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